Social Benefit.

Heritage Vacuum Excavations firmly believes in taking our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously.  The long-term sustainability of our business is dependent upon sound management practices guiding our interactions with our environment and communities.  Our approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability seeks to position Heritage Vacuum Excavations as a positive force in the communities where we operate; managing environmental and social risks both now and in the future to drive sustainability.

Ethical Conduct.

At Heritage Vacuum Excavations, we strive to ensure our Ethics policy is strictly adhered to and evaluated every 12 months.

Environment and Sustainability.

Heritage Vacuum Excavations is committed to caring for the environment and are dedicated to provide the following:

  • Set environmental strategies for areas that could have any kind of environmental impact within the operation of this company.
  • Minimise the emission of polluted runoff, dust and noise from site offices, facilities and equipment by use of maintenance and protective measures.
  • Set specific documented procedures for the companies’ objectives and targets for environmental impact.
  • Support Ecologically Sustainable Development on all projects.