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Root Barriers:

Root Barrier is a cost effective physical shield designed to form an impenetrable barrier to stop the spread of moisture and tree roots. Root barrier acts as a physical underground wall protecting infrastructure and services.   Together with our Level 5 Arborists we can oversee and advise on the best placement and outcome so plants and structures can co-habit happily together. 

telecommunications pipeddf

Digging a root barrier to prevent neighbour’s tree roots affecting a telecommunication cable in new build and prevent the roots from growing under the house slabs.


We provide a safe and efficient way to expose services and cut trenches in tight and narrow proximity to allow for repairs or installation of new services.



Electronic Service Locating

This is used to find the alignment of services and infrastructure underground without having to dig any holes.

electric flocating

Pipe Jet Rodding (to remove blockages, tree roots)

Pipe Jet Rodding is the use of a specially designed tip sent up conduits to clear blockages. We can easily dewater communication pits and remove water from low access areas up to 30 meters away.


Water excavating around underground services to identify evasive tree roots and the removal of the tree roots. Treatment of tree roots to prevent fungal disease.