Heritage Vacuum Excavations- Working with Electricians in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and Toowoomba and the Gold Coast.

Working Around Cables and Tree Roots in Queensland.

If you are a professional electrician, you have probably have regularly dealt with cables and electricity wires that are underneath the ground.  Did you know that Vacuum Excavation or Non-Destructive Digging as it also known, can be the perfect partner for making your job easier, less time consuming while also saving you money?  Hiring a Vacuum Excavation truck and professional Vacuum Excavation operator can be the best way to get jobs done quickly and cost effectively for your business and your customers.  Vacuum Excavation is also known for being the safest method to dig as there are far fewer incidents of breakages and accidents.

Electricians and Vacuum Excavation

  Vacuum Excavation services are extremely versatile can be used for several reasons, from electrical service locating to safely removing invasive roots installing a root barrier to protect underground pipes and cables from being destroyed.

Locating Electrical Services Underground

Underground Service Location:

Finding wires that are buried deep underground can be tricky especially if your customer doesn’t want you to dig up their prize roses!  Electronic Service location is the solution as it enables the electrician to know exactly where to find the alignment of services and infrastructure underground without exploratory digging. 

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Using Vacuum Excavation to Save Declining Trees in Brisbane and Beyond...

Multipurpose Vacuum Excavators

Vacuum Excavation or Non- Destructive Digging as it is also known, is extremely versatile.  Not only can it be used to locate and uncover underground utilities;  Pot Holing; Trenching; Pipe Jet Rodding; House Re- Stumping; Swimming Pool Excavation to name just a few, but it can also be used to help improve a declining tree’s overall health and chances of survival.

Using Vacuum Excavation to work with trees

Vacuum Excavation and tree work go hand in hand.  It can be a very useful tool for an Arborist to be able to dig quickly, accurately, and efficiently while also having the assurance that the tree roots will not be harmed in the process.  Growing in a hot climate such as Brisbane, Australia, often results in trees being surrounded by hard, impacted soil where enough water cannot penetrate the roots to deliver the required nutrients or unhealthy gases become trapped in the top soil.  Vacuum Excavation can be used to easily dig trenches to insert a Root Barrier or for Deep Root Aeration.

Vacuum truck core holing

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Heritage Vacuum Excavations- Working with Plumbers in Queensland.

Vacuum Excavation and Plumbers in Brisbane and Beyond

Vacuum Excavation also known as non-destructive digging is an extremely useful and versatile service for many different trades. It can make a tradies’ job less time consuming, less labour intensive and of course considerably more cost effective.  One of the major trade services that can benefit from using vacuum excavation in their work is the plumbing profession.

Plumbing and Vacuum Excavation

By its very nature, plumbing involves a fair amount of digging- locating underground pipes, cables and utilities; digging to gain access to established underground pipes and utilities, trenching to make room for new pipe installations.

Plumbers provide many valuable services, including:

  • Cold and hot water supply to bathrooms, kitchens
  • Sewer, Gas, Mains Water.
  • Central heating systems and gas or oil supply systems
  • Installing drainage systems

Using a vacuum excavation truck and experienced operator to help with the provision of these services will be beneficial not only to the plumber’s business but also for their customer’s overall satisfaction. 

Vacuum Excavation plumbing Brisbane Logan Ipswich GoldCoast

How can Vacuum Excavators help plumbers?

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Heritage Vacuum Excavations- Let’s Get to the Root of the Problem in Brisbane.

Beautiful Trees in Brisbane

Trees and their roots are all around us; whether you are living in the bush, suburbia or in the city, you will not fail to come across trees. Beautiful to look at, useful for providing us with clean air and of course in Australia, giving us all-important shade!  Despite the many positive benefits of trees, unfortunately, they can also cause us issues with the main one being- invasive roots.


Roots are all around us

Roots are vitally important for trees, they gather essential water and nutrients while also providing them with strength and stability. However, for home owners and in commercial settings, roots can be a big problem as they can cause trip hazards, break underground utilities and pipes and can push pavements so they become uneven and dangerous.Root destroying pipe Brisbane

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