Smart Digging in Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich

Do you need a hole? Simple solution- get a spade, put your back into it, sweat then sweat some more.  Depending on the size of hole you need it might take a few minutes or possibly a few hours but eventually there will be a hole regardless!

Do you need to dig a bigger hole? No problem! Hire a digger from a reputable company or simply leave it to the experts.  You will soon have a large hole surrounded by earth, mud, rocks, fossils and who knows what else.

What happens if you need a hole dug where there may be waterpipes or telecommunications pipes underground?  You may know they are down there somewhere but you are unsure exactly where they are located. You certainly do not want the hassle of dealing with a cracked pipe or an irate telecommunications company or neighbours.


Electric Service Locating

If you need to dig a hole without running the risk of hitting a pipe or underground wire, then it is time to call in the experts.  Heritage Vacuum Excavations service Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.  The company has specialist equipment which enables our highly-trained operators to non-invasively locate pipes and cables underground.  This is an efficient process; using the Electric Service Locator they point it over the ground and it makes a beeping sound when it locates a pipe underground.   The operator then marks out the danger areas thus allowing the digging to begin safely around the pipes using a specialist high- pressure wand which has pin-point accuracy and causes no damage.

The Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) Begins

Once the underground utilities have been located the Vacuum Excavation Truck roars into action; the process is quite fascinating to watch. The water gun blasts water at the soil at an extremely high pressure, turning the mud into a slurry like substance. The water pressure is so high that it can easily wash through enormously hard ground including rocky terrain.  Soon there will be a hole that is filled with muddy, sludgy water that will need to be removed to complete the job.  The Vacuum Excavation truck has a huge pipe that stretches for one hundred meters so access to any site is no issue.  This pipe sucks the muddy water back to the vacuum excavation truck leaving a clean hole with all utilities intact.  The operator will then remove and empty the waste offsite after the job has been completed.  Once the works have been completed in the hole of trench our operators will then back fill it without mess or fuss if required.

Non- Destructive Digging the Smart Way to Dig

Vacuum Excavation is the smart way to dig.  After a quick phone call and if needed an onsite consultation you will receive a same day quotation usually an hourly rate.  Using Electric Service Location and Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) together is cost-effective; it reduces risk of damage and with Heritage Vacuum Excavation state of the art vacuum truck we can guarantee that we can complete the job twice as quickly as our competitors.

For a clean, efficient, non-invasive and cost effective dig call Heritage Vacuum Excavations on 0733761227 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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