Root Barriers Installation Using Vacuum Excavation in Brisbane, Logan, and Ipswich

Why Install a Root Barrier?

Root barriers are required for all sorts of reasons, namely to protect property and underground cables from spreading tree roots.  Trees can have extensive root masses which spread far from the tree base.  Roots are extremely important for trees as they help the tree to gather nutrients and water and are also needed for stability.  Unfortunately, roots can cause problems for both home owners and commercial buildings owners as they are apt to cause structural damage to concrete slabs and also movement to buildings.  City councils also have issues with tree roots moving and lifting pavement slabs causing dangerous trip hazards to the general public.

Inserting a root barrier around a tree is:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Effective and preventative
  • Cost effective
  • Eliminates the need for a tree to be removed in order to protect property

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Heritage Vacuum Excavations – The Delicate Art of Holes in Brisbane

Smart Digging in Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich

Do you need a hole? Simple solution- get a spade, put your back into it, sweat then sweat some more.  Depending on the size of hole you need it might take a few minutes or possibly a few hours but eventually there will be a hole regardless!

Do you need to dig a bigger hole? No problem! Hire a digger from a reputable company or simply leave it to the experts.  You will soon have a large hole surrounded by earth, mud, rocks, fossils and who knows what else.

What happens if you need a hole dug where there may be waterpipes or telecommunications pipes underground?  You may know they are down there somewhere but you are unsure exactly where they are located. You certainly do not want the hassle of dealing with a cracked pipe or an irate telecommunications company or neighbours.


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Heritage Vacuum Excavations- the Ultimate Dig in Brisbane.

Safe digging Brisbane and Logan

Safe Digging in Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich

Since the dawn of time humans have used tools fashioned out of riven wood or indeed animal bones to dig.  As time and engineering moved forward and the art of metal working was developed, the spade as we know it today came into existence.  Used for a variety of functions and jobs from digging holes to plant food, trenches for walls and foundations for housing to burying the dead, it is and has been an extremely useful tool.

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